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Quintorigo Experience is entirely dedicated to great guitarist Jimi Hendrix.
In fact seventy years ago, the September 27th 1942, he was born one of the biggest contemporary author and musician, Jimi Hendrix.He has been the pioneer of a lot of sounds that would have been the future rock evolution through an innovative fusion of blues, rhythm and blues, soul, hard rock, psychedelia and funky, Hendrix has left an unforgettable mark in three different generations. Sons of the same artistic attitude, and thanks to their rare versatility and musical capacity of mixing different sounds and musical genres like classical music, rock, jazz, punk, reggae, funky and blues, Quintorigo, after the wonderful tribute to Charles Mingus, performed in many theatres and in the most important Italian festivals (receiving a lot of awards and honors like the Top Jazz Prize in the 2008), had felt the desire to make a touched and original tribute to the great genius of the artist from Seattle.


Quintorigo Experience

Quintorigo Experience at Coriano


Quintorigo Experience is also the title of the album that, with SELF license, will be published in a few days and in which the group from Romagna, with their known and undeniable skill in manipulating the arrangements, face twelve chapters of the magnificent repertory of Jimi Hendrix, involving important vocal guest like Eric Mingus (son of the myth Charles Mingus), Vincenzo Vasi (Vinicio Capossela’s musician) and Moris Pradella (that will be on the stage with the band for each concert).
Moris was born in Mantova, he’s an artist and multi- instrumentalist, and thanks to his powerful voice he’s able to recreate that pathos and emotional that the left-handed from Seattle could give in his concerts.